Cricket Tennis Ball

Currently in the market there are 3 types of cricket tennis balls. The cricket balls are grouped based on from which country they are coming from. There are 3 countries are using tennis ball to make variant of cricket balls. They are Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.


The characteristic of cricket tennis ball for Pakistan market is the ball’s size bigger than the regular tennis ball. The diameter size is 70 mm, however they use the same size of tennis ball PET CAN. Therefore when our production team put the balls into the can, it is done manually by the operator. They have to push the ball down into the can. It is different from the regular tennis balls where the balls are put inside the can automatically by the machines. The high demand color of cricket tennis ball in Pakistan is Gold Yellow color. The average weight of the ball should be in this range between 64 – 65 grams per ball. The balls are very hard and having a high rebound. The players will use PVC insulation tape to cover the ball with before start the game.


There are two types of cricket tennis ball in India market, Light weight (80 grams) and Heavy weight (120 grams). The ball’s size is the same as the regular tennis ball’s size and mostly they are packed in loose bag packaging. The core wall diameter for the heavy weight ball is very thick, it is about 1 cm.


Elle is the name of the cricket game in Sri Lanka where they play cricket with tennis balls. The unique of this game is they have to shave the ball first before start the game. Shaving one tennis ball may take about 1 minute to get it done. The purpose is for gripping the ball become very firmed and tight.