TENS tennis balls ITF approved

TENS tennis balls USTA approved

We Make Quality Tennis Balls

Tensindo Sports manufactures ITF-approved tennis balls, both under its own TENS brand and for other international tennis ball brands.

With nearly 30 years' experience making high quality tennis balls at a low production cost, Tensindo is among the industry’s preferred tennis ball manufacturers.

The tennis balls we produce (the big brands and our own TENS brand) meet official international requirements and are approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the US Tennis Association (USTA).

They are being used in some of the world’s major tennis tournaments.

Read more about tennis ball manufacturer Tensindo Sports and our TENS tennis ball range.

Pay Less For TENS

If you need good quality tennis balls, but don’t want to pay extra just for the name on the ball, buy TENS tennis balls.

You will get the same high quality tennis balls, produced with the same materials and in many cases, in the same factory, as some of the big brand names.  But you will get more balls for the same money!