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TENS Mini Tennis Balls

TENS Mini is a pressureless tennis ball aimed at tennis players under 10 years of age.

Young children need a slower tennis ball when learning to play tennis. The TENS Mini is a special children's tennis ball with low compression, making it slower so kids can hit the ball more easily.

TENS Mini low compression, pressureless tennis balls are ideal to use with children below 10 who are just learning to play tennis.

Using TENS Mini for your children's or tennis pupils' regular training sessions will prepare them for our regular, higher compression TENS Practice tennis balls, followed by pressurized balls when they're ready.

TENS Mini tennis balls for children come in a 12-ball bag and offer great value for money. You'll get a dozen kids' tennis balls of good quality for a low price.

Product Details

TENS Mini tennis ball specifications:

Needled Felt from TTI
RSS3 Natural Rubber
12 balls per bag

TENS Mini affordable quality children's tennis balls

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