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TENS Practice Tennis Balls

TENS Practice is a durable pressureless tennis ball that is excellent for coaching and training purposes.

The TENS Practice ball is a very popular training tennis ball used by tennis coaches and teachers for tennis practice with players mostly at beginner levels.

TENS Practice tennis training balls are made with the highest grade natural rubber and using the same attention to detail our experts use to produce our top quality pressurized balls.

With 60 balls in a bag, TENS Practice offers great value for money.

If you’re a beginning tennis player, a tennis coach, tennis club or tennis school, using TENS Practice coaching balls is a cost-effective way to teach or learn how to play tennis without compromising on quality.

Product Details

TENS Practice tennis ball specifications:

Needled Felt from TTI
RSS1 Natural Rubber
60 balls per bag

TENS Practice tennis balls 60 in a bag

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