TENS tennis balls ITF approved

TENS tennis balls USTA approved


TENS brand tennis balls

Brand: TENS Premium Core

"I tested Tens Premium Core balls with professional tennis players, and the performance of the balls is excellent."

Kevin Cunningham, USA

Brand: TENS Premium Core

"I use Tens Premium Core for club tournaments in Dubai and the UK. The balls have a high standard quality and are suitable for major tournaments."

Steve Rilley, UK


Tensindo tennis ball manufacturing

Brand: Prosupex (produced by Tensindo)

"Tensindo Sports recommended we use high grade natural rubber and excellent woven felt for our product development. 

It was proven when we launched this product in the Belgian market, that players love the durability of the balls very much. The balls last much longer compared with the normal tennis balls in the market.

I would like to thank Heriawan of Tensindo Sports for his passion, ideas, innovation and professional services that helped a lot in our product becoming the most popular brand in Belgium."

Alain Meeus, Belgium